How did you find get-paid?

18-11-2016 04:47
I think it was a post on reddit.
20-11-2016 04:02
Going to gym later too
22-11-2016 14:41
google search best gpt site and i see get-paid
I love you all
27-11-2016 03:38
I am very grateful to get-paid
15-12-2016 01:39
I think it was a post on reddit.
16-12-2016 09:09
:d :d :d :d :d
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Get-Paid Moderator
16-12-2016 15:42
I landed here via referral of a friend
16-12-2016 16:38
never get paid be4
04-03-2017 08:38
I found it by searching for legit ptc sites.
Sorry for commenting
17-12-2017 22:41
Found it on Google.
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