What country would you like to visit?

01-05-2012 06:42
What country would you like to visit?
I live in sweden and I have been in norway, denmark, finland, cyprus and greece.
I really would like to visit new zealand & austria.
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01-05-2012 09:31
usa, portugal, ... dunno, but I will see it all after time ;)
I already was in: Spain, France, England, Austria and some others and I live in Germany.
01-05-2012 11:51
I live in Norway and I've only been in Scandinavia. Denmark, Sweden & Finland, I'm going to Crete this summer though and looking forward to that. I'd also like to visit England, Spain, Italy and the US.
01-05-2012 14:44
I would visit some middle eastern countries because I have a lot of friends from there :D
01-05-2012 16:08
New Zealand, England, Spain, France. ;)
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01-05-2012 19:27
Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, England, Bahamas, Ireland. Would mostly likely be my top picks. :)
04-05-2012 08:20
I really want to visit austrailen, russia and Mexico
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18-05-2012 14:07
i'd love to visit china, japan and north korea
19-05-2012 17:51
And I would like to visit Ukraine and Romania. This countries are beautiful and you can feel close to the nature. There are still many places with virgin nature: a lot of green!!! And people are very open.
23-05-2012 04:01
Spain, Italy, Thailand, Japan and Canada!
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