Payment Proof Bonus (Post Screenshots)

15-06-2013 23:09
Dear members,

We would like to reward you for working hard and successfully cashing out the money your earned. Please simply post screenshots of payments you received from us on our Payment Proof forums & we will reward you with a bonus which will be added to your Get-Paid account within 24 - 48 hours :)

Please follow these rules:

1) Please don't ask us for a bonus, we do check the forums on more than a daily basis and if we like your post you would get a bonus, but there's absolutely no need to chase us for it, just enjoy our site and let the bonus come into your account as it is.
2) A member who's abusing the bonus system (e.g. claiming he hasn't received it even though we did send it) will be excluded from the scheme for a long period of time.

In another words - don't ask for it, if you deserve it you will get it, and don't abuse it because that will only exclude you from receiving bonuses (for a long period of time).
Thank you for your understanding!
01-07-2013 04:42
though iam a member here from several days i have never noticed this!!!! how much bonus do i get?
25-08-2013 02:09
one was receiving no payment schedule? cash out from the beginning of the week I do not see paying admin.
26-09-2013 15:05
I cashout 3 days now without getting payment
26-09-2013 15:05
scam ???????
26-09-2013 17:35
T6GaI cashout 3 days now without getting payment

Dear "T6Ga",
We are having slight delays with issuing the payments. All the payments will be processed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for you patience.

Get-Paid Team.
Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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21-10-2013 10:56
i got my first ment , i did not able post my screen shot due to some error ...
Thanks and Regards, Rahul Singh| Research Analyst Manager
21-10-2013 14:35
rahul28febi got my first ment , i did not able post my screen shot due to some error ...

I think you need at least 10 posts to post a pic..

05-11-2013 16:52
i think dauturo is correct
13-11-2013 10:04
Wow! I'm glad to know this thing! Thanks
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