Earn per referrals

29-10-2014 14:14
I am new to get paid
I want to know
Do I get paid when some join under my referral link( regardless of their earning share)
I just want to know how much we earn per referral
02-11-2014 01:05
no you don't get paid when you get a referral, but you get paid when your referal gets paid. the amount of coins you receive depends on your level, here is a table explaining that:
Hot To Get Paid
22-11-2014 10:14
That's why i don't earn from my 3 refs..they aren't active
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27-11-2014 12:10
I don't earn from my refs..they aren't active ..
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26-04-2015 12:24
my referrals arnt active
27-04-2015 03:50

29-04-2015 16:16
Thank's for information
07-05-2015 19:40
i hope you more Referrals
Leizza The Best Ring
30-05-2015 15:43
i think if youhave jus ten refferals active you can earn 100 $ per month
30-05-2015 15:43
But your refferal must they working it's normal
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