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22-02-2012 03:01
Just thought I share with my fellow forum members a free online tool that I use quite regularly! The advantage of this tool is that :

(1) It is free!
(2) It is from Google
(3) I use it to keep updated on my "keyword" competition (other related sites/blogs that are based on the same keywords)
(4) I also use it to see if my sites/blogs are being indexed/crawled by Google! The more a site/blog is indexed/crawled, the better the chance of a site/blog being on Google's page one for your keyword.
(5) It keeps me updated on my competitions site/blog!
(6) Also allows me to see who has linked to my sites/blogs or WORSE who has copied and pasted my content!
(7) I didn't have to download it!
(8) Did I mention it is a free Google tool?

here is the tool link : (Google Alerts)

Here are some of my suggestions to use this tool!
(a) I use my main email address.
(b) I set it up for "comprehensive" and "once a day"..If I didn't, depending on the site/blog or "keyword" (label if your a blogger), my email box can be overloaded!

If you do decide to use this tool, Google will send you an "activation" email, just follow the instructions and your on your way!

Feel free to post any comments, questions or critiques (lol, I sure wouldn't criticize a free tool.) Also if your a webmaster/blog master, a Search Engine Optimizer or Search Engine Marketer..I am sure that I would and other forum members would appreciate it if you share your free tools
07-06-2012 23:47
This would definitely be helpful. Thanks for the share! :D
Pinoy ka? Dito tayo magusap :D
08-06-2012 03:03
mmaaiiccaaThis would definitely be helpful. Thanks for the share! :D

You're welcome :)
11-06-2012 05:59
Wow this was posted in february 22 I didn't see this...Love the great tip ssr ;)
For any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact me.


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Get-Paid Moderator
11-06-2012 17:39
Nice tricks,,,Thank you
12-06-2012 00:10
Thanks for appreciating my work everyone :)
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