~~Video on Youtube About Get-paid~~

07-07-2012 18:42
This video take me 3 hours to made....Please live a replay if you like my video...and share it


I will replace this Video with another one in HD Format
07-07-2012 19:25
Great job working with this!! You deserve a bonus!!! !!!!

Keep it up!!!!

Get Paid Team
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Get-Paid Moderator
07-07-2012 19:26
Awesome video & Keep up the great work. You definitely deserve a bonus which we just added into your account :)

Get-Paid Team.
07-07-2012 22:24
Very nice video,
I'm sure that it'll will increase your referrals very soon!

Keep up this great work!
Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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07-07-2012 22:38
Please edit my post and put this one in HQ Resolution...Thank you

08-07-2012 04:09

I have replaced the video for you and just a small suggestion. It would be much more helpful for you if you give your video a brief title and add your referral link in the description of the video :)

08-07-2012 11:58
Done and Thank you SSRGetPaid.........
08-07-2012 19:04
ivanstasDone and Thank you SSRGetPaid.........

You're welcome :)
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