i only have one

10-05-2013 12:21
I only have one, and that one was VERY hard to get :\
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11-05-2013 08:52
Hi powerbook congratulations with your first referral. I am sure you can find some great ideas on how to improve your referral rating. What method did you use to get your first referral?
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11-05-2013 09:37
A great idea for improving your referral rate could be by doing videos about get-paid and upload them on youtube and similar platforms. Educate others in how you make money on get-paid by showing them through on screen recordings. You can find a list of on screen recording software that is free right here.

Remember to give your videos some related titles and tags so it will be easier for you to drive search based traffic directly to your videos.

Good luck :-)
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11-05-2013 17:59
Dear "powerbook",
You can have some tips about how to get more referrals by visiting the following thread:

You better also try the tip that "dubdub" have just gave you, it's a great one!

Good luck,
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11-06-2013 11:33
I am still waiting for my first referral...
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12-06-2013 07:27
dollardripI am still waiting for my first referral...

There are great way to get more referrals. Please check out our FAQ's forum for more help : http://www.get-paid.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?36-Frequently-Asked-Questions-%28FAQ%29 :)

Get-Paid Team.
29-06-2013 23:53
I dont have any lmao
02-07-2013 12:07
Try doing youtube videos.
Also the new design should make it easier from now on IMO.
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