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26-06-2008 15:59
So, do it tomorrow XD XD
Get-Paid Team
26-06-2008 16:41
Grats to the winners!
26-06-2008 23:31
Hm.. let's see how many pple will participate if we gonna do it sunday :-)
27-06-2008 08:44
i preferr friday :-D
Get-Paid Team
27-06-2008 16:24
and i prefer saturday
27-06-2008 18:10
make it on sunday or saturday
27-06-2008 19:43
i dont care about the day im still in
28-06-2008 02:29
Ill prefer Saturday or Sunday .... but since this week you didnt post the videos its better to post the videos today and ask the ques. tmrw so that everyone gets to know abt it ;-)
28-06-2008 12:26
anaayesh make it on sunday means on sunday
28-06-2008 14:39
so when is it now?
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