$$"Contest" Enter and Win 5$ Very Easy$$

07-07-2008 06:33
the monkey island link

07-07-2008 07:23
Its time already for the question ...
07-07-2008 09:06

I'm sorry but i really have a big issue with my hosting company, as you can see. :-(

I'm working on it, and it should be solved soon.

Thanks for understanding,
07-07-2008 09:07
Sure ... Why did they suspend it BTW ?

I can see nothing illegal in that to be suspended :-)
07-07-2008 09:10
They say that the servers i used to work on were lost :-(
07-07-2008 09:12
Thats unreliable ... you can request them for a backup .. if they have the feature enabled ...

No wonder i keep taking backups myself for my site :-D ...

Anyways if theres no backup available then re-install the script and it wont take long before its filled up again
07-07-2008 09:23
so whe can't win the 1.5$ 1.5$ anymore or do we?
07-07-2008 09:25
As of now .. I think no ..
07-07-2008 12:48
why not then? whe got the both videos;)
12-07-2008 06:59
Common Annayesh your site is back , ask the question now!!
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